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MedsDelta a global trusted pharmaceutical organisation specializes in cancer medicine wholesale, also hepatitis medicine supplier all over India. We deal in very cost effective and original medicine from India. Our growth basically with the original medicines has cost-effective price range with quality in every product. We believe in customer relationship and product quality, always deliver medicines in their original form. MedsDelta available 24*7 to deliver our medicines all around the world like USA, China, Romania, Hong Kong, Hungary, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Cambodia, Germany, Poland, Fiji, Laos, Taiwan etc specially deals in all types of generic medicine.
If you have any query related to any medicines Contact Us at -> +91-9971646666, QQ: 3451266709, Skype: medsdelta, WeChat: medsdelta, or mail:

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Afinitor 10mg Tablets

Afinitor 10mg Tablets | Buy Everolimus Online | Afinito...

MedsDelta a global trusted pharmaceutical organisation provides Generic Afinitor 10mg, 5mg, Tablets contains Everolimus made by Novartis Pharma at low price with original quality. #Everolimus […]

Pomalid 4mg capsules

Buy Pomalidomide Online | Pomalid 4 mg Capsules Price |...

MedsDelta a global trusted pharmaceutical organisation provides Generic Pomalid 1mg, 2mg, 4mg, Capsules contains Pomalidomide made by Natco Pharma at low price with original quality. […]

Poly-MxB Injection

Generic Polymyxin B Supplier | Buy Poly MxB Injection |...

MedsDelta a global trusted pharmaceuticals supplier exports Poly MxB 500000 injection contains Polymyxin B made by Bharat Serums at wholesale price with complete quality assurance. […]

Vivitra 440mg Injection

Vivitra 440mg Injection | Buy Herceptin Online | Trastu...

MedsDelta a global trusted pharmaceuticals exporter supply original Vivitra 440mg Injection contain Trastuzumab under brand name #Herceptin made by Zydus available at discount price. Trastuzumab […]

Ricovir 300mg tablets

Buy Ricovir Tablet Online | Indian Tenofovir 300mg Pric...

Looking for Ricovir 300mg Tablets contains Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate comes under the trade name Viread, which is used to treat HIV Infection and Chronic Hepatitis […]

Melphalan Tablets

Buy Alphalan Tablets Online| Melphalan Tablets | Multip...

MedsDelta a generic medicines supplier offering Melphalan Tablets and Injection under the trade name Alkeran at wholesale price with quality assurance. #Melphalan is anti-cancer medicine […]


Regorafenib 40mg Tablets | Buy Nublexa 40mg India | Sti...

Regorafenib Nublexa 40mg Tablets comes in Indian under Trade Name of #Stivarga Tablets by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Generic #Regorafenib is used to treat cancer of the colon and […]


Capnat 500mg Tablets | Buy Capecitabine Online | Altern...

MedsDelta a global trusted pharmaceuticals exporter supply original Capnat 500mg Tablets contain Capecitabine manufactured by Natco Pharma at a low price with quality assurance. Indian […]


Buy CA-ATRA 10mg Capsules | Vesanoid Price in India | G...

MedsDelta a trusted generic medicines supplier provides CA-ATRA 10mg capsules at a lower price with quality assurance and worldwide guaranteed shipping. Indian #Tretinoin is used […]


Indian Lapatinib Price | Novartis Tykerb 250mg price | ...

Looking for Lapatinib Tablets under the strengths #Tykerb250mg and #Herduo250mg by GSK which is Cancer Medication used together with another medicine called #capecitabine (Xeloda) to […]

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