Online marketing

There are different ways to do online marketing.
On we have 3 possibilities …

1 – Add your advertisement to our Premium list, your Ad will be shown on the main index page in the slider. Also get your Ad a Premium text on the image of your Ad.

2 – Bump your Ad, your Ad will be placed back on top of the listings page.
(in your dashboard you find the green arrow to bump your Ad).

3 – Place your banner/logo on one of our banner locations on

Your banner on

Your banner will be shown on:  (click) partners. Or on locations as shown below
With more then 5000 visitors a month, you reach a width range of (potential) clients.

Your banner will link to your website, and in that way hard leads are high.

Banner size: 120×60 px ( location: Our partner page )
Price for  1 year  = $120.-

Banner size: 300×250 px (  locations A , B, C )
Price for  1 year location A  = $575.-
Price for  1 year location B  = $450.-
Price for  1 year location C  = $420.-

Banner size: 460×60 px: ( Locationheader, on every page)  Not available untill 25-06-2016
Price for  6   months = $550.-
Price for 12 months = $ 900.-

Banner size: 460×60 px: (Between the ads on every listingpage)
Price for  6   months = $450.-
Price for  12 months = $850.-

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