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Osimertinib 80mg Tablets

Osimertinib 80mg Brands Supplier India | Indian Tagriss...

Buy #AZD9291 80mg Tablets is very potent and selective #anticancer drugs which helps in removing or healing the patients of non-small cell lung cancer (#NSCLC) […]

Sacubitril+Valsartan tablets

Indian Sacubitril+Valsartan Wholesale Price | Generic E...

MedsDelta a trusted generic medicine supplier provides #Valsac Tablets contains #Sacubitril+Valsartan sold under brand name #Entresto which is used to treat of heart failure. This […]

Ibrunat capsules

Buy Ibrunat 140mg Capsules | Indian Ibrutinib Capsules ...

Natco Pharma has recently introduced a new generic medicine Ibrunat 140mg, which is an anti-cancer generic medicine used for the medication of B-cells cancer and […]

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